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October 2, 2011
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Set of four postcards

Coma , Metamorphosis, Comfort, Strength
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The first word that comes to mind when I see these spectacular pieces of art is "wow." I am at a loss when it comes to describing the beautiful watercolor technique and wonderfully thought-provoking scenes painted for these postcards. The technique used gives each picture an airy feel, casting light from an unknown source onto these stunning portraits. I could write full paragraphs on each individual depiction and sum it up for an essay, but I'll try my best to water(color) it down.

Coma brings me back to the mind-soothing melodies of Explosions in the Sky's "First Breath After Coma." This beautifully-portrayed painting gives one the sense of dazzlement (yay for made-up words) with the zigzagging line and splotching colors. The almost scribbled lines of the chest and shoulders give the viewer a sense of mindlessness, a sense that would remind anyone of a coma. The portrayal is simply outstanding.

Metamorphosis has a similar effect: the portrait's mere position in the eye gives it a beautiful sense of change and brightness. Here is a girl, the light brightening her face and the striking contours of her body as she morphs into something elegant, something dazzling. The particular use of lighting in this painting makes it really come to life.

Comfort has an almost cozy feel to it. The proximity of the subject and the foxes provides a true feeling of comfort for the viewer. My only concern with this particular piece is the girl's expression. In my eyes, her expression does not portray a feeling of comfort. Perhaps she is comforting the foxes, but this is not apparent from what little is shown. Nonetheless, this painting has a crisp winter feel to it which is a feeling that certainly results in comfort.

Lastly, Strength is probably my favorite of the four. This gorgeous woman's (and I say woman as opposed to "girl" for the others) firm and rigid expression illustrates her clear sense of self-importance, the strength of being a woman. The slight lift of her eyebrows and the upward tilt of her chin give her a superior feel, a feel that comes along with a beautiful, strong person.

Overall, these four unique illustrations provide a light, colorful spectrum for the art-admirer. The individual pieces hold great emotion in them, and it is clear that the artist poured his/her passion, talent, and delicate intricacy into these amazing pieces of art.

Keep up the amazing work!
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love the color droplets and scribbles
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